Viharn Sien – Anek Kusala Sala Part1

Viharn Sien - Anek Kusala Sala - Chinese temple on ONO
Viharn Sien – Anek Kusala Sala – Chinese temple on ONO

Viharn Sien – Anek Kusala Sala Part1

Hello dear Ononauts,

my trip yesterday took me to this awesome Chinese temple, it’s not only a temple, it’s also a museum of Chinese & Thai history and art.

It’s mind blowing and to much for one article, that’s why I will split it in some parts.

Ok, enough words, let’s take a walk together around this wonderful temple near Pattaya, Thailand 🇹🇭

In the first part I want show you the outside area of the temple….

Description of the temple:

The Viharn Sien is a beautiful Chinese temple South of Pattaya now in use as a museum. The museum houses a unique collection, which is believed to be one of a kind outside of China.

It is made up of a three story central building and a number of pavilion halls. The Viharn Sien is built in elegant Chinese style, but the real attraction lies inside the building. This museum is one of the best places in Asia outside of China itself to see some priceless and rare Chinese artifacts and antiques.

The Viharn Sien is also called Viharnra Sien, which means House of the Gods, and was built in 1987 for the current King of Thailand’s 60th birthday, King Bhumibol Adulyadej or Rama IX of the Chakri dynasty.

One of the best Chinese art collections in Thailand

Set in a well kept area of almost 3 acres,the museum sits next to a beautiful lake on the Wat Yansangwararam temple complex. The museum, which is also known as Wihan Sian or Anek Kuson Sala houses one of the best Chinese art collections in Thailand.

Before entering the building you can see a number of Chinese mythological figures and two enormous stone Peking lions. Inside the museum there is a collection of fine Chinese pottery from several dynasties, one of them the Shang dynasty, making this pottery at least 3,000 years old. Also on display are the statues of 18 Shaolin monks, all displaying a martial art form for which the 15 centuries old Shaolin Monastery in China is famous.

Inside the central building are the hand made terracotta figures of 8 arhats, who are the followers of the Buddha that have reached a high stage of Enlightenment. A great number of precious antiques, paintings, statues and artwork are displayed here, some of which were a gift from the Chinese government.

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