You like ONO? – REPORT SPAM!

You like ONO? - REPORT SPAM!
You like ONO? – REPORT SPAM!

Hello dear Ononauts,

the last days I saw a lot of plagiarism on ONO, pics, copy&paste text and more..

There is one word for it:


Everyone here on ONO wants to earn some Onots, but the value of Onot can increase only without spam, spam has no value.

We live here from our pictures and our stories.

If some people are just too lazy for to take some pictures or to write down their own thoughts, then they are at the wrong place here!

What they do is not only a theft, they abuse our community too.

We have a report function on our app, a dislike button, use it!

We have our Super Partners, they get paid to find Spam and fold the posts, pm them when you see Spam.

Stop liking posts what you don’t read before, a like for a spam post isn’t a good way!

It only motivates the Spammer to post more Spam!

We can use sometimes pics from other people, or some sentences of another article, but please, mark it with the source!

We all want ONO will have success in future and we all want to see a high value of Onot.

So let’s work all together and don’t allow Spammers to destroy the idea of ONO.

Best regards


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