ONO Xu Ke: Using the spirit of adventure and perseverance to create an “ideal world” of prosperity and common prosperity


“Habitually, I will divide entrepreneurs into four kinds, speculators, dramatic personality, successful people and entrepreneurs.” In the eyes of young entrepreneur Xu Ke, entrepreneurs can be divided into four categories, and in the four major Among the classes, entrepreneurs and successful people belong to the “evolutionary version” of entrepreneurs.

“Habitually, I will divide entrepreneurs into four kinds, speculators, dramatic personality, successful people and entrepreneurs.” In the eyes of young entrepreneur Xu Ke, entrepreneurs can be divided into four categories, and in the four major Among the classes, entrepreneurs and successful people belong to the “evolutionary version” of entrepreneurs. In China, for most successful entrepreneurs, to be successful in the “evolutionary” ranks, you must have a certain quality. For each entrepreneur, these qualities are different, and Xu Ke gives her answer, “Adventurous spirit and perseverance, these two points are the most important.”

Xu Ke, one of the many young entrepreneurs in China, is young, full of vigor, willing to endure hardships, knowing how to give, and most importantly, willing to take her adventure spirit to do everything for her entrepreneurial spirit. At present, as a post-95s, she has just been listed as a global focus on women entrepreneurs by Forbes USA, and is concentrating on the “ONO’ ideal country to create prosperity and prosperity with ONO’s main network.” Because she is in the stage of career, for her, overtime has become the norm; because she has been used to falling down and getting up, for her, perseverance is the biggest driving force to support her; because she chose to go “opinion leader” “For the road, for her and her entrepreneurial team, “For the human” is not only a slogan, but also a guideline for action.

Entrepreneurship is not easy, and successful entrepreneurship is even more difficult. What kind of side is Xu’s “multifaceted” Xu’s show in entrepreneurship? What are the stories behind her entrepreneurship?

Persevering in socializing, persevering and persevering to lead a breakthrough

Strictly speaking, ONO is Xu Ke’s second venture. In 2014, she decided to socialize as her entrepreneurial direction when she completed her studies and returned to China. When the first number of startups reached 10 million, it was sold to a public company. “I was not reconciled. I once regretted that decision.” When talking about the first venture, Xu Ke was filled with emotion: “But I also had my hardships at that time, very helpless.” After that, she summed up the lessons. Started a second venture, now the ONO. In her second venture, she still chose to socialize. Committed to building the world’s largest free social network is the beginning of her business.

Be a social network, the focus is on being a user. To be a user, we must create a good user experience. In order to achieve this goal, from December last year to the present, Xu Ke is fully committed to his work every day during this period. For her, there are no holidays, 24 hours online, working hard in the business, spending a lot of time and energy. When you have the difficulties of the team, you can imagine that in the whole process of team building, Xu Ke takes the lead, product, technology, operation, market, personnel, administration, finance, and she has to take care of all aspects of the whole team. For the entrepreneurial team, the most difficult is the breakthrough from 0 to 1; for her team, Xu Ke is the leader who achieved the breakthrough.

“I don’t think I am the smartest one, but I am hard enough the day after tomorrow.” When talking about the most valuable quality of his body, Xu Ke’s answer is persistence and perseverance. From a small living environment, she has created the unique qualities of Xu, and she is a very demanding person in her life and work. In her own words, because she has high demands on others, she has higher requirements for herself. It is this almost harsh self-discipline that makes Xu Ke grow into a persevering and persevering person. And this is one of the most indispensable factors for entrepreneurial success.

Optimism faces difficulties, builds souls by talent and vitality

The first step in starting a business is difficult, and it is not easy to be bigger and stronger. Like the most logarithmic entrepreneurs, the process of entrepreneurship is destined to be a process of overcoming difficulties one after another, and each time it overcomes a difficulty, it is a step closer to success. The difficulty of starting a business is imaginable. Sometimes, this kind of difficulty can be foreseen. Sometimes, the difficulty is hidden in the unknown.

It is also a variety of difficulties encountered in the entrepreneurial process, however, Xu Ke seems to have a natural optimism about the difficulties. In her eyes, all the difficulties that can be solved are not difficult. “I didn’t feel that I encountered too many difficulties. If I really want to say something difficult, I think the biggest difficulty may be team building. For any startup company, I think the biggest challenge is talent.”

As Xu Ke said, talent is the first element of the construction of the entrepreneurial team, and it is also the first difficulty. The Chinese economy, especially the Internet economy, is on the rise. The key to maintaining rapid growth is talent. Due to various conditions, startup companies are inevitably incapable of introducing talents.

Direction, capital and talent are the three essential elements of entrepreneurship. For Xu Ke, the direction is certain, she is adhering to the initial heart, and the goal is directed at social positioning. Funds can also be solved, but talent alone is the biggest difficulty. This is also the same difficulty faced by many entrepreneurs. “It may be difficult to have the conditions to attract talents, but I firmly believe that there are people who have the will,” Xu said. “Any problem can be solved by talents, so team building is my top priority.”

Xu Ke’s entrepreneurial team is built on product research and development, and is committed to launching super-hard products. There are more than 80 people at home and abroad. Diligence, hard work and hard work are the main theme of this team. “Our team is basically there for 24 hours. Even at three or four in the night, there will be almost four or five people.” In addition, there is a more important point. This energetic team is based on results. Short and long, everyone is doing their best for a better user experience. “We need to be adventurous all the time. We use a sentence called forever young, always tears.” And this is the soul of Xu Ke’s entrepreneurial team.

Pay attention to user needs, use products and humanities to serve the society

At the previous ONO Global Ecology Strategy Conference, Xu Ke announced that the ONO social network was online for 100 days, and registered users increased from 0 to 3.258 million. According to the latest statistics provided by the company, as of September 5, ONO social network registered users have exceeded 3.658 million, monthly retention of 45.34%, resulting in a total of 1216.99 million articles, 6104.11 million comments, a total of 147.359 billion interactions. Behind these data is the hard work of the Xu Ke team and the fight against day and night. At present, ONO DAPP can be downloaded from the App Store, App Store and major mobile app stores. Currently , it supports Chinese, English and Korean, and has been launched in 117 countries and regions around the world. The iterative update will support Japanese and French. Multilingual languages ​​such as German, Spanish, and Portuguese, and simultaneous multilingual instant translation, to achieve global accessibility. In addition, ONO DAPP’s Chinese and foreign servers have been merged and can communicate with global users without a VPN .

When talking about the team’s future development direction, Xu Ke said that she has an ambitious goal, that is, her slogan “For the human”. In a nutshell, Xu Ke’s entrepreneurial direction is very simple, that is to target the global market to do social networking. This is the core purpose of her entrepreneurship.

At the same time as entrepreneurship, Xu Ke puts corporate social responsibility in an equally important position. How to do a good job in corporate social responsibility has become an important theme for her thinking. “For Internet entrepreneurs, the real social responsibility is to consider the actual needs of users.”

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