Good day citizens of the ONO Universe. As a way of maintaining transparency, we all agreed on releasing weekly reports on our personal blogs to keep everyone informed on our activities as Super partners.



When I came on board as Super Partner, I

got the opportunity to choose the department I would love to be a part of. This is something that is routinely done for new Super Partners when they come on board. So I chose the Marketing department as I have been involved in marketing ONO even before being a Super Partner. I marketed ONO on individual levels and on other Social Media platform. I have also assisted in other departments. I have done some translation in the past.

I have been actively involved in On boarding and bringing people on ONO. I have organised meet up in the past. I have also traveled to a different state to discuss and market ONO to them.

I created the ONO Nigeria twitter account and I am currently managing it. I also created the ONO Nigeria Instagram account account that

is currently being handled effectively by another lovely super partner . These are used for marketing ONO and disseminating valuable information.

Bug Reporting and Assisting Users:

I have been involved in reporting bugs and assisting with reporting some tech issues, verification issues from users etc. I have hosted and co-hosted AMA sessions on ONO English telegram group, and I have been assisting in the ONO English telegram group.

Content Monitoring: I have been doing this in the past as well as currently. The aim of monitoring contents on ONO is to identify abusive contents, and get them out before they corrupt the ONO ecosystem. Right now we don’t have the tools to directly fold abusive contents but we submit abusive contents to Huihui who looks at them and decides to fold them. I have reported spam marketing posts, offensive pictures amongst others to be folded by Huihui. I also warned users who were close to abusing the system.



We are growing and there is no better time to be engaged with the app than now. For the week I monitored contents , and left warning comments on posts that were almost close to abuse. I have been more about Community engagement, I encouraged good behavior (articles) by leaving good comments, a like and a repost. Those acts were more like a pat in the back to encourage good behavior. I assisted SP Katie on a website she created for Super Partners, details would be released by her in due time. I hosted an AMA and lots of previously unclear questions were answered. I also helped some users to get verified.


ONO is a baby and her growth has been great. As with new babies, I agree that ONO has had her own fair share of challenges but I believe this would only make us stronger. As Super Partners we were at some point faced with the challenge of communicating directly with NOME tech. But this is getting better with time. Also, Jem has been of great help. I agree we need more tags. Good news is, that is being worked on. We should be expecting more tags. There are bugs now but if you remember where we are coming from, you would agree that we are getting better.


Here is a screenshot of my account today 4th September, 2018.


You all have been wonderful and I love you all. Big shout to everyone who has been writing great contents and have been bringing value to ONO.

As a Super Partner, it is my responsibility to guard the ONO universe and keep it safe from abuse of all forms. To my ONO siblings, we are a family. If at any point you find or think of anything that would be of more value to us, please bring it to my notice or that of other Super Partners. And if you find anything abusive, kindly let me or any other SP know by sending a DM here and on Telegram. You all are invaluable to us.

____________________________________________Thanks for reading, I am @gee1.

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