ONO Super Partner Weekly Report 1

ONO Super Partner Weekly Report 1
ONO Super Partner Weekly Report 1


Hello Ononauts!

Maverickjudd here and this is a first of a series of Reports that I will be doing of things that I did in the Ono Platform in the capacity of a Super Partner.

Your International Super partner team which are composed of several people from Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australia have discussed that we will be publishing a weekly report to provide more transparency as well as a means to document our workload.

In this way we can have a public record of activities that we do to make sure that the Ono Platform is one that is transparent, fair and accountable to the actions and decisions of people tasked to safeguard it’s culture of equality and fairness.

Majority of our time is spent looking at content and abuses that we see. In this way we act as sort of a content management system like moderators. Moderation is very different from censorship as the aim of moderation is to make sure that posts and articles abide by the Common Program and national law of the poster. This is one of the main reasons why the International Super Partners were selected to best be able to represent the users. Some of us have backgrounds in Philosophy and law thus we enter into discussions to make sure that we do not go over the line and do censorship.

Each Super Partner is given the authority to fold posts that violate the common program and to be accountable for that decision. Thus if someone feels that the folded material was done in error then this can be reexamined and put into a vote.

One of the things we look at are the stories and articles in the Hot Session and assess for originality, proper citation of sources and images used has relevance to the post.

We are also looking to see evidences of vote circles and possible bot behaviours.

Once this is seen a report will be sent to the Nometech team who will further investigate in the backend. if found with evidence post is then folded.

Another key tasks that Super Partners do is engagement in the Social Platform. So you most likely would have seen comments and reblogs from us as either welcoming people or supporting good, original content. We try as much as possible to be present and encouraging to people.

Last is although it is not stated in the tasks of a SP but most of us has taken to make sure that the Social Media accounts of Ono answer people and not to mention being in the Ono English and Ono Tech Support Telegram channels so that majority of the people have almost real time help.

We are also conducting the thrice a week AMA sessions with the founding members of Ono. I had facilated last Monday and Friday’s AMA sessions where we tackled several key questions and insights on the platform by users, investors and even detractors.

Although I was not able to submit some posts for folding this week as majority of the tags and stories I was overseeing looked to be good.

I am also a permanent fixture in both the Ono English and Ono Tech support room.

Questions from the local community is also handled and answered by me when I get the answers.

I have also started the Olog movement which further encourages engagement and original content in the platform.

Reported several bugs to the developers especially in terms of the KYC issues.

We are hoping to be able to develop better analytic tools that will help us become more efficient with our tasks and to provide clear information.

What else do you think Super Partners should be reporting?


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