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1 Product and R&D This Week

1.1 Summary

The search function is being continuously optimized, with the homepage.

ONO’s DApp will also be made available via direct download online, while we’re waiting for feedback from the Apple store. ONO users will be updated on the next step.

ONO has so far been made available on Google Play, and other mainstream application stores. As specified earlier, the search, chat, and other related functions are being optimized.

The login back end is under review, and the team is currently preparing for the launch of a brand new WEBSITE?


1.2 ONO is expected to launch in a new major update in September

The first phase of the search function is already online.

The new version of the homepage is showing in more dynamic way. Still in process

The first phase of the hot search function. Already started the process

The personal homepage redesign. Already started the process

The article details page new version. Already started the process

1.3 Bugs Fixed In This Version

– Blank page prompt/UI

– Notification

– Innacurate usernames

– Password setting and verification

– New registrations failures

– ID verification

– User selection

1.4 ONO Product Development Updates

Community Regulation 

On July 10th, ONO’s official Secretary announced the community’s regulations to ONO’s social network. Users can comment to the regulations by hashtaging #ONOXuKe. From July 11th, all violations will be publicized using the following information: Reason(s), Warning (Beginning this Friday), Method(s) of appeal and Community regulations.

This week, we reviewed a total of 172 users (for details, please refer to the “community regulations”section ). Those were the following violations users were involved in:

1) Sensitive content related to pornography, gambling, and the use of illegal substances.

2) Insults, harassment, discrimination, malicious incitement, attacks, threats or other behaviors that disrespect the community.

3) Publish multiple spam advertisements containing the selling of products, services, and other promotional content.

4) Purchasing bots, account, boosting likes and comments.

5) Malicious promotional marketing methods, mass posting/spamming, forwarding of unrelated content or copying and pasting comments.

6) Plug-ins, malicious programs or related program for operating account functions.


2 Marketing

2.1 Operations Updates

From those 3,548,863 registered users, 20% are based outside of China.

2.2 Marketing Activities

Ke Xu, the first female entrepreneur in the history of blockchain recently interviewed by Forbes, gave an exclusive interview to Currency World on Monday expressing her optimism “I was pleased to be interviewed by Forbes. Chinese businesses now have the capability to reach out to the world, and ONO, the largest decentralized ecosystem, is stepping its game up by respecting its users, holding true to its decentralized values.”


On Wednesday, Xu gave a speech on entrepreneurship, saying “when I returned home after graduating, at 19, I persevered, and this has shaped my career.” She has also expressed her vision “ONO, the largest decentralized network, will become number 1 in its industry in the near future”.

2.3 Upcoming Events

Ke Xu’s Linkedin is now visible, thanks to a few SEO tweaks, and her media appearances, including her weekly post of articles and updates, resulting in a surge of private messages ranging from interview requests, meeting offers from celebrities, locally/internationally-based entrepreneurs, and professionals wishing to partner with ONO by offering services free of charge.

ONO will exhibit at Techxlr8, in Singapore, from the 18th to the 20th of September 2018. The event takes place at different locations, and features the latest tech-related brands.


The company’s CEO was also featured in an interview with Cheddar, a live streaming financial news network based in the USA.















































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