ONO Beta app testing – a review

Good morning dear Steemians ,
The beta-testing app is out and her is a small review :
Ono is a brand new social app from China founded by Ke Xu and her team.

The users get paid with Onot token, based on Eth.
It’s between facebook and instagram and quite easy to use.
The verified users can also write longer articles, not verified users only short stories.
The beta testing app have bugs, for sure, so don’t expect to have a well running app right now, the dev team is working hard on it.
Only join the testing version if you willing to help and report the bugs.

But the early testing users have some great benefits, they can be pioneers of the next generation social network, can connect with the Chinese community, 3000000 !!! users already, and some more benefits are waiting for them.

They can invite new users and get rewarded with 500 Onot for each.

Fell free to use my invite code.
The app can be downloaded in the Google app store, for IOS in the ios store.
Or you can use the following link:


All in all, after a week testing the app, I would say when all the bugs are fixed and some more features added,


Be prepared and sign up now to be a pioneer of a new world.

Best regards

(Posted with Vapor, available for iOS and Android)


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